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Axe Murder of Private Detective Suggests Police Corruption

he life of a private detective is a tough one.  Often your job brings you into contact with people with a murky past and questionable character. The family of private investigator Daniel Morgan are looking forward to a new inquiry into the 1987 London axe murder of the private investigator.  The family suspects police corruption is a big factor in the yet unsolved murder.  

The body of Mr Morgan, originally from Llanfrechfa, near Cwmbran, Torfaen, was found in Sydenham, south-east London, in 1987.  A trial of four men charged with his murder in 2008 collapsed in 2011, following alleged failures by the police and prosecutors.

The aim of the new independent judge-led investigation panel is to shine a light on the London Metropolitan Police history, and the former police officers, private investigators, criminals, journalists and super-grasses involved in the saga.  The panel will focus on the paper-trail of 750,000 pages of documents from five previous inquiries. It will also examine the role of Southern Investigations, the small detective agency Daniel worked for.

There is evidence Southern took payments from newspapers to dig out information for stories – which sometimes, it’s alleged, came from corrupt police officers. There may be fresh insight into the way the ‘dark arts’ of the media operated.

The video below helps explain the saga surrounding the case.  While our surveillance and private detective work here at Precise Investigation thankfully does not involve uncovering police corruption, the case provides some lessons for us here in Melbourne – a city that has had a recent history of drug and gang-related murders.  While the vast majority of police in Melbourne are hard-working honest people that protect us, we must never become complacent about the ability of criminals to corrupt and bribe police in these extreme situations.

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