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For over 15 years, AUSTRALIAN SPECIALIST INVESTIGATIONS has been the undisputed leader in Security, Investigation, Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance, & Personal Protection… providing state-of-the-art services to both companies and individuals requiring absolute discretion and confidentiality in their private affairs.private-detective

No one in the Security & Investigation Industry can deliver like the experts at A.S. INVESTIGATIONS.

That’s why A.S. INVESTIGATIONS means security and peace of mind for your business, your home, and for you.

Enlisting the services of an investigator can often be a huge step, one that is sensitive and often personal. It’s important to have somebody carry out such a task that is completely trust worthy and on your side. your peace of mind and need to know is our concern.


 About the Managing Director

Simon Treseder comes from a law enforcement background, having spent 11 years of honourable service in the New South Wales Police Department, gaining two Commissioners Comendations for Bravery in the execution of duty.Whilst in the Police Force he complete 28 specialist courses, 11 of which he holds Instructor Qualifications in.In 1996 he moved into the corporate field and then took up the position as Director of Australian Specialist Investigations, an investigation company which has grown over the past 21 years to be one of Australia’s most respected and trusted private investigation  companies.

Simon Treseder  holds the highest Government Qualification for the investigation industry, Certificate (iv) Investigative Services  and is the holder of a Security Protection Industry Act Master License. He is also the holder of a Class 2A Security Consultants license and a Private Investigators Master and Operative License. No. 409413353. Although these qualifications stand alone, he believes that furtherance of expertise and qualifications is paramount and he regularly attends industry body seminars to increase his knowledge so that he can in turn up skill his investigation staff.

Since leaving the NSW Police Force Simon has twice been awarded the Commissioners Award for assistance to Police in the execution of duty whilst he carried out duties as a Private Investigator.

This on-going relationship with the police allows for the best chance of a smooth conduit to justice for the clients of Australian Specialist Investigations in matters where the police need to be involved.

Simon can be contacted 24 hours in urgent matters and is fully up to date with all matters that Australian Specialist Investigation  handle on behalf of its extensive client base.

Simons 24 years of combined police and private investigation industry experience has placed A.S. Investigations  in a very strategic position to assist clients in a very broad cross section of investigative skill sets.

A.S. Investigations  investigative expertise and large number of multi skilled private investigators across Australia places A.S.Investigations at the pinnacle of the private investigation and Forensic Investigation industries.

 The Team

We provide a prompt, discrete and professional service through our team of highly skilled and fully licensed investigators. A.S. INVESTIGATIONS would not be A.S. INVESTIGATIONS without our investigators. Anonymity as to their identity is best served by saying that our talent is second to none. Nobody comes on board without extensive previous experience, all of whom are well rounded, each possessing his/her area of strength and expertise. We are proud of each and every operative.

The success or failure of any business is related to the people who get the job done. A.S. INVESTIGATIONS is no exception.

 Our Pledge:

  • Results
  • Responsiveness
  • Confidentiality

 OUR Guarantee:

We are confident that, given the opportunity, we would be able to demonstrate our expertise on any investigation or surveillance assignment. Our surveillance is also maintained with the optimum degree of professionalism and integrity (undertaken with the specific goals and expectations expressed by our clients).

We are justly proud of our high standard of work and make every endeavour to ensure that all investigations and surveillance are conducted promptly and efficiently.

We are happy to keep its clients up to date with all investigation developments.

Our expectations of ourselves, once a job is undertaken, is that no other firm could do a more thorough investigation anywhere or at any time.

A.S. INVESTIGATIONS takes pride in staying ahead of the market by constantly growing and keeping up to date on the latest technological and communication developments, that way you know can rest assured that you’re enjoying the best service possible.

No matter what you need to talk to us about, there’s a chance we’ve dealt with a similar situation and therefore can act immediately to deliver you outstanding results.

Talk to the team at AUSTRALIAN SPECIALIST INVESTIGATIONS today for an obligation free and confidential chat.